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Entrance door wings PASIV

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Door wings are made in the implementation of spruce, oak, pine, okoume, larch and possibly other tree species. Dimensions according to submitted draft  (made to measure, plus minus 1 mm), door wings cases are 16 cm wide around the perimeter of the frame. In the door wing there are vertical door beams of special hardened reinforcement against bending on both sides, the inside is filled Pir foam without thermal bridges. Heat permeability is 0,5W/m2K for thickness  88mm. There is waterproof plywood on the surface specially built for exterior with high quality veneer top.

We offer professional consultation, the possibility of production immediately and delivery within 48 hours to you after order confirmation.

Door leaves are appropriate if the door is made on smoothly, it can be milled to plywood to a depth of max. 4.5 mm.

Composition of the door leaf PASIV:

9mm waterproof plywood on both sides,
Pir foam
By default we are doing door wings with a thickness: Euro 88, Euro 92, Euro 102