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Our biggest requirement is to achieve only the highest quality and especially individual approach to each customer. On the one hand it is the quality of supplied goods and on the other hand it is to provide the best service possible including transport of goods to the customer`s operation and a wide range of storage. This combination of high quality of supplied goods and maximum service brings us the favor of our customers, so that they can rely on us.

Mgr. Július Čurgali – JCC
Murgašova 2
949 01 Nitra

0905 284 855


JCC company is mainly engaged in production and sale of semi-finished wood articles for joiner companies. We specialize in the production of thermal insulant exterior doors/especially for low-energy and passive constructions/and the sale of thermal fillers, waterproof plywoods and other components for the front door (semi-finished products for further processing).

We are processing our products on modern computer-controlled CNC machines and high-quality instruments.

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0905 284 855

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